Newman Liquid Waste Facility

Project Overview

The Newman Landfill Facility includes the Newman Liquid Waste Facility (LWF).

Ertech was engaged by the Shire of East Pilbara to increase the treatment capacity of the Liquid Waste Facility and install a solar power supply, in compliance with the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) Works Approval.

The scope of work included civil earthworks and concrete works, HDPE lining, lime dosing, aerators, and electrical services. Ertech was responsible for all necessary permits required to undertake the works, including those required for the Solar Power System construction. The Liquid Waste Facility remained operational during the facility upgrade.

Fast Facts

  • ClientShire of East Pilbara WA
  • LocationNewman, WA
  • Year of Completion2023

Scope of works

The project included rebuilding 3 existing ponds and 3 new ponds along with a stand-alone solar power system to allow for an intake of up to 110,000 tonnes of liquid waste per year.

  • Decommission existing liquid waste receival-pit, dispose of contaminated waste -sludge or thickened liquid waste-, and dispose of (or recover for future reuse) all redundant equipment
  • Construct realigned access road and turning circle
  • Construct inlet chamber and in situ concrete sedimentation basins, including reformation of the sludge drying bed embankment
  • Install lime dosing equipment package
  • Install HDPE lining on all internal embankments
  • The project involved a separable portion to undertake the improvement of a large pond and associated pipework at the Newman WWTP some 10km from the main site, a variation was given to install a 50m-long silt curtain to the pond.

Pond A1 and headworks

  • Dewatering and desludging of existing ponds, excavation and reconstruction of existing embankments
  • Install control cubical to LWF including electrical conduit and cabling to each of the four aerators, lime dosing package and lighting. The lime dosing system, along with aerators, processes the liquid waste as it passes through the facility with evaporation throughout to minimise final liquid outfall to the environment.
  • Install eight-person egress rope ladders on pond embankments
  • Construct cast in-situ concrete wash-down bay in the mid-area of the ponds arrangement, including water service
  • Install precast-concrete access chambers
  • Finish top banks with compacted 150mm crushed road base and install uPVC flexible road markers
  • Install 500m (L) by 1.8m (H) cyclone mesh fencing
  • Supply and install ancillary equipment

Piping and Mechanical

  • Install a variety of PE pipes sized between DN 200 & DN 400
  • Install a variety of knife valves (sized DN 300 to DN 400) between the inlet basin and ponds to create an operable waste transfer system

Solar Power

Ertech’s electrical team worked with CPS to deliver a 120kW solar panel system, inverters and a battery storage kiosk which provides power to both the LWF and the existing refuse facility through a new power distribution system.

  • Structural design of photovoltaic panel supports and concrete footings to cyclone rating
  • Cut and fill bulk earthworks for the solar panel array
  • Install 120kW ground-mounted photovoltaic array including support structures, inverters, solar distribution board and cabling between panels
  • Install new solar array main switchboard
  • Relocate Refund Office Switchboard including extending cabling and reconnection
  • Supply and Install a standalone Battery Kiosk
  • Modify the existing electrical distribution system
  • Install 240kW battery storage with automatic start/stop connection to existing 140kVA generating set including batteries, battery charge/inverters, multi-cluster box, cabling and access
  • Integrate photovoltaic array, battery storage, diesel generation and site distribution system

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