South Capel Remediation Project

Project Overview

Iluka Resources is involved in the exploration, project development, operations and marketing of mineral sands. Iluka’s operations at Capel, in south west Western Australia, produce synthetic rutile, an upgraded ilmenite product.

The South Capel Remediation Project removes and relocates waste material from a decommissioned dam at the Capel dry plant to a purpose built, capped facility.

The project involved an array of different earthwork activities with over 850,000m3 of material relocated. The site had an area of by-product from the mining process that required containment to ensure no contamination of the groundwater in the area. Over 190,000m2 of Bituminous Geomembrane Liner (BGM) was installed, which stops water infiltrating through the material, making its way down to the groundwater when it rains.

Fast Facts

  • ClientIluka Resources
  • LocationCapel, WA
  • Year of completion 2020

Scope of works

  • Bulk Earthworks, removal of by-product materials
  • Remediation, discrete material scrapes and validation testing
  • BGM liner installation
  • Capping Earthworks, 500mm depth of ‘site won’ clean material brought in to backfill areas
  • Demolition works on various concrete and steel structures
  • Utilities removal
  • Installing drainage infrastructure, including open drains, concrete culverts, drop structures and gabions
  • Bore decommissioning

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