D6 Water Storage Dam

Project Overview

Ertech was contracted to expand the water storage dam to 6GL storage capacity to provide long term water security to mitigate the risk of running out of water. The project involved the construction of a water storage dam using locally sourced construction materials.

The water will be pumped into the D6 Dam from the Hotham River Pump Station No 1 and 2.

Fast Facts

  • ClientNewmont
  • LocationBoddington, WA
  • Year of construction2021

Scope of works

  • Install embankment, inlet channel, seepage sump and spillway
  • Install D6 Dam including embankment liner, outlet pipework (including concrete pipe supports and pipe surround), inlet channel geofabric, seepage drainage (including finger and collector drains), seepage sump (including outlet pipework and liner), spillway liner and instrument works
  • Construct Junglen Gully Diversion (including embankment)
  • Install Junglen Gully Diversion (including pipework and storage tank/dam)

The approximate scope includes:

    • Excavate and place 464,900m3
    • Excavate, load, haul and place 276,665m3 of rock
    • Drill and blast 142,566m3
    • Install 49,210m2 of Bituminous Geosynthetic Liner

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