Perth Stadium Pre-construction Site Works

Project Overview

The Perth Stadium Project is a new multipurpose stadium with a capacity of 60,000 seats located in a parkland setting on the Burswood Peninsula. The Stadium is designed to host AFL matches and can be configured for all forms of cricket, rugby and soccer matches as well as concerts. The Ertech Keller Joint Venture (EKJV) was formed to prepare key areas of the site in advance for the construction of the new stadium.

The works consisted of earthworks preparation, ground improvement installation, surcharge, and extensive monitoring of the external areas around the proposed stadium. The EKJV was responsible for the design of all the works and the physical construction, engaging several design and environmental consultants to support the project team. This was the first major contract awarded by the State Government in the delivery phase of the Perth Stadium project. Site works commenced in July 2013 and were completed by December 2014.

Fast Facts

  • ClientDepartment of Treasury- Government of WA
  • LocationPerth, WA
  • Year of completion2014

Scope of works

The project scope for the EKJV included:

  • Site clearance, fencing and onsite access roads
  • Provision of 6 web cameras to monitor the project through to completion of the stadium
  • Constructing a new access road to the Burswood Golf Complex
  • Establish and set up of primary survey network for the site
  • Undertake dilapidation surveys on adjacent infrastructure and buildings
  • Monitoring, recording and analysis of noise and vibration during the construction works
  • Monitoring and recording of movement on adjacent roads, structures, and infrastructure
  • Installing air quality monitoring systems and weather station
  • Monitoring and recording of asbestos, dust groundwater, stormwater and ground gases
  • Filling to existing lakes and construction of earthworks platforms for geotechnical processes
  • Installing piezometers, inclinometers, settlement monitors and extensometers for the monitoring of the earthworks design
  • Installing 60,000 wick drains up to 32m in length through uncontrolled landfill with depths up to 10m
  • Treatment of 100,000m2 of uncontrolled fill
  • Design and install of groundwater abstraction and treatment system for the treatment of contaminated groundwater produced during the consolidation of the treated soils
  • Placing, conditioning and compaction of 400,000m3 of earthworks materials
  • Monitoring, recording and analysis of geotechnical parameters and settlement during the consolidation period up to practical completion

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