Cosgrove 3 Landfill

Project Overview

The Greater Shepparton City Council planned the development of the Cosgrove 3 Landfill to be within an existing unused quarry. An integral part of the development was the need to excise the area for the landfill from the quarry area to allow a transition into a modern landfill site. Ertech were contracted to undertake all site preparation, clearing and earthworks for the facility.

Fast Facts

  • ClientGreater Shepparton City Council
  • LocationCosgrove, VIC
  • Year of construction2017

Scope of works

  • Load, haul and stockpile existing recycled concrete material (55,000SCM)
  • Clearing, stripping topsoil and providing environmental protection to stockpiling areas
  • Drill and blast, load, haul and stockpile all rock material (780,000BCM)
  • Prepare subgrade levels for future landfill cell construction
  • Construct access ramps for the future landfill facility

Due to Ertech’s performance in delivering the above works, additional works to construct the clay liner in Cosgrove 2 Cell 4 were added. The scope included:

  • Excavation of 5,000m3 of clay from the borrow clay pits
  • Haulage to the site, placement and compaction
  • Trimming
  • Constructing a 3,500m security fence

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