Community Engagement

Good relationships matter

As an Australian-owned and operated business, we understand the importance of building relationships that can go the distance. We’re here for the long haul and strive to ensure our impact is positive wherever our business takes us.

We are about relationships, and every relationship matters.  From the way we work with our clients, traditional and current landowners, and local businesses to the job and training opportunities we provide to people, there are two fundamentals that drive and guide us – why we do it and the principles that define how we work.

Working with community stakeholders

We recognise the work we do can impact the community in which we do it – whether it be temporary disruptions, permanent changes to the environment or providing business and employment opportunities that deliver economic and social improvements.

We make it our business to understand both the needs and the impacts and develop an effective community engagement strategy early to ensure the best possible outcomes are achieved for the communities in which we work. We recognise the importance of consultation, collaboration, transparency, and using the right mix of tools to ensure we connect with and meet community and client expectations.

Engaging local and Indigenous Businesses

Maximising local and indigenous engagement on projects continues to be a strategic priority close to our hearts. 

We value the direct and indirect benefits gained and actively support initiatives that enhance outcomes for local, small, medium and/or indigenous businesses.

We recognise it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach, and each plan is developed to suit the specific location, project, and situation to ensure we maximise the value and impact of the initiative.

Our approach has been particularly effective on projects where clients are equally committed to achieving genuine local, indigenous and community engagement and development.

Indigenous Engagement and Development

To complement our approach to Indigenous-focused procurement on projects, Ertech invests in providing employment and training opportunities for Indigenous people.

Training and Development

Ertech is a leader in training and developing Indigenous people and has previously been awarded the Indigenous Trainer of the Year Award by the CCF and the Employer Partnership Award by Polytechnic West.

Training plans are developed based on individual needs and career aspirations in conjunction with upcoming project requirements.

Employment Opportunities

We have a track record in building strong relationships with local Indigenous communities, traditional owner groups, registered training organisations and labour-hire companies.  We actively work with these stakeholders to attract suitable Indigenous candidates.