Australia is faced with sourcing a sustainable water supply in a challenging and dry climate. Similarly, we are constantly in need of affordable and sustainable energy sources.

Ertech understands the impact of water and energy resources on productivity and economic growth and works with clients and their stakeholders to ensure that essential resources are available for both businesses and communities.

Ertech delivers a range of water infrastructure across Australia, including distribution pipelines, pumping stations, water treatment facilities, and storage facilities. Our skills include civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and telemetry, as well as upgrades and replacement of irrigation canal control structures. We also work with clients seeking to generate and distribute power.

Water Infrastructure

Ertech’s knowledgeable project management and delivery teams provide the following capabilities to clients developing and upgrading water infrastructure:

  • Pipeline construction
  • Pump stations installation
  • HDPE lining
  • Wetlands, detention basins and treatment ponds
  • Flood levees and retaining walls
  • Water tanks and reservoirs
  • Electrical, mechanical and SCADA installations
  • Civil Maintenance
  • Demolition of existing water infrastructure

Power Infrastructure Capabilities

With integrated in-house civil, structural and electrical expertise, Ertech is an ideal partner to engage in building and upgrading power infrastructure.  Our capabilities include:

  • Bulk and detailed earthworks
  • Concrete structures and foundations
  • Access roads and supporting site infrastructure
  • Cable Installation including LV, HV, instrumentation, control, communication, etc.
  • Cable support equipment installation
  • Switchboard and distribution board installations
  • Substations, transformer and switchyard installations
  • Upgrade of sub-mains

Featured Projects

In-house expertise

Reliable water and power infrastructure is the lifeblood of communities. 

Tap into Ertech’s extensive experience in delivering both water and power infrastructure projects in urban and regional areas for private and public clients.  From mining towns to agricultural communities and beyond, Ertech has delivered under a variety of contracting models.

If you’re looking to develop essential infrastructure for the community our door is open, and we’d love to chat to you about how our company can assist.

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