Taylors Regulator Fishway

Project Overview

Ertech was engaged by Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW) on behalf of the North Central Catchment Management Authority (NCCMA) to construct a new fishway as part of a broader Native Fish Recovery Plan to remove barriers to fish passage and connect 400km of stream and wetlands to 530km of the River Murray.

Taylor’s Regulator is located 8km west of Gunbower in the Mallee Region of northern Victoria. The regulator is located on Taylors Creek, which is used to convey water to irrigators via Kow (Ghow) Swamp and the No. 1 Channel. Taylors Creek regulator is located approximately 2km upstream of Kow (Ghow) Swamp in one of Australia’s most significant areas of cultural heritage.

Critical to the success of the project is maintaining flows past the construction site during the winter period for river health and channel filling operations, and ensuring the works are completed ahead of the 2023/24 irrigation season. Ertech’s temporary works strategy put forward at tender facilitated swift installation and removal of the works, allowing for an extended timeframe to complete the project.

Fast Facts

  • ClientGoulburn-Murray Water (GMW)
  • LocationGunbower, VIC
  • Year of Completion 2023

Scope of works

Temporary works:

  • Flow diversion system
  • Install/remove upstream and downstream (sheet pile and earth fill) coffer dams
  • Concrete formwork
  • Site acceptance (wet) testing of fishway exit gate

Permanent works:

  • Excavation/backfill of fishway structure, including foundation work, supply and place filters, disposal of unsuitable material
  • Construct reinforced concrete fishway structure, including connections to existing regulating structure
  • Supply and install metalwork for fishway including fish baffles, flow deflectors, exit and entrance fish slots, heavy and light duty gratings, supporting beams, balustrades, security fence and traffic bollards
  • Reinforced concrete infills to baffles and reinforced concrete wedge deflector downstream of the regulator
  • Reshape select baffles downstream of the regulator
  • Supply and install permanent sheet pile and trash screen on fishway exit
  • Prepare fabrication drawings, supply and install gate on fishway exit
  • Install stoplog frame on fishway entrance
  • Construct hard stand areas around fishway perimeter
  • Dry and wet commissioning of fishway exit gate and trash screen
  • Supply and install PIT Tag componentry, rock rip rap, and erect fences/gates.
  • Installation of fish monitoring equipment.

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