Roy Hill Project

Project Overview

The Roy Hill Project included a new iron ore mine at the Roy Hill deposit, a mine process plant, a standard gauge, single line heavy railway system from mine to port and new port facilities at Boodarie Industrial Estate. Ertech has completed several projects at the Roy Hill mine site and the temporary wharf facility including a Marble Bar Road Diversion, a Access Road and Temporary Construction Loadout Facility and the Tailings Storage Facility.

Fast Facts

  • ClientRoy Hill
  • LocationPort Headland and Newman, WA
  • Year of completion 2014

Scope of works

Marble Bar Road Diversion, Mine Site Roads & Tie-Ins
Construction of 30.5kms of roads and tie-ins including:

SP1 – Marble Bar Road (MBR) North Diversion:

  • Divert the existing MBR around the Roy Hill mine
  • Construct the link road to connect Village Access Road (VAR) East to the new MBR diversion
  • Construct intersection No 2 on the VAR

SP3 – North South Road:

  • Extend the North South Road from the end of the FMG private road to the process plant
  • Install the VAR West through to the intersection of North South Road
  • Install intersection No 5 of North South Road with VAR West

SP4A – Marble Bar Road Northern Tie-In:

  • Provide the tie-in from end of SP1 to the existing MBR

Access Road & Temporary Construction Loadout Facility
Design and construction of a new 1,200km access road to a temporary wharf facility including:

  • Construction of an intersection at Utah Point Road
  • Clearing and ground improvement of the access road foundation across mangrove tidal flats
  • Supply and installation of embankment fill
  • Supply and installation of rock armour for batter protection
  • Access road pavement construction
  • Embankment foundation stabilisation with geogrids
  • Supply and installation of a new piled platform temporary construction loadout facility

Tailings Storage Facility
Site clearance, construction of embankment under drainage and access roads and ramps including:

  • 3,500,000m2 of site clearance and topsoil removal
  • Extraction of 750,000,000 litres of water for conditioning
  • 1,950,000m3 of earthworks embankment and decant access ways
  • Construction of 12,500m of embankment under drainage and 4,500m of 4m deep seepage collection systems
  • 50,000m3 of surface water management structures
  • 140,000m2 of access road and ramps
  • Geotechnical instrumentation installation

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