Boddington Gold Mine Tailings Dam

Project Overview

Ertech was contracted to construct a 750,000m2 HDPE lined tailings storage facility for Boddington Gold Mine’s new processing plant. This project helped Ertech gain ability in completing construction works where activities are constrained by weather conditions. It was critical the Clients requirement were met to avoid working during the winter months.

Fast Facts

  • ClientNewmont Mining Corporation
  • LocationBoddington, WA
  • Year of Completion 2007

Scope of works

  • Clearing 70Ha of forest
  • Stripping 100Ha of topsoil
  • Removing 40,000m3 of rock
  • Removing 35,000m3 of unsuitable material
  • 200,000m3 of cut to fill and reshaping
  • 300,000m3 of 300mm clay liner excavated and compacted
  • 25km of 160dia draincoil for under drainage system
  • 750,000m2 of 1.5mm HDPE liner
  • 20km of 100mm diameter branch drain

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