South Hedland Wastewater Treatment Plant

Project Overview

Water Corporation and Tenix formed an alliance, the Pilbara Clearwater Alliance, to oversee the delivery of a number of water projects in the region. Ertech was contracted to the Alliance to deliver earthworks, concrete and pipelaying for the South Hedland plant and later for the Karratha Plant.

Prior to the commencement of the South Hedland Wastewater Treatment plant upgrade, recycled water was used in Port and South Hedland to irrigate the golf course, turf club and various town ovals. Upon completion, the upgraded plant has the capacity to produce 6 million litres of treated water for reuse per day, to be supplied for industrial processes, dust suppression, materials handling, and road construction.

Fast Facts

  • ClientPilbara Clearwater Alliance
  • LocationSouth Hedland, WA
  • Year of completion2013

Scope of works

Initial scope of works:

  • Clear and grub, general earthworks, excavation, and fill
  • Construct anaerobic ponds, including lining, riprap placement and associated pipework
  • Construct sludge drying beds, including detailed excavation and import of fill
  • Install lining in anaerobic ponds and sludge-drying beds
  • Install Algae Recycle Main pipework for the ponds
  • Construct a 6m wide V Drain and install DN600 reinforced concrete stormwater culvert, including headwalls and rock pitching
  • Landscaping and restoration of disturbed areas used for construction activities
  • Construct temporary access roads, site compounds, and storage areas

Additional scope awarded to Ertech:

  • Install underground pipework
  • Conduct hydrostatic testing of pressure lines
  • Install pipe and electrical/communications conduit inserts in the concrete slabs
  • Detailed excavation for the concrete bases from surface level
  • Pouring and finishing of concrete base and walls

Provide concrete for multiple areas including:

  • Water Recycling Plant and Administration Building footings
  • Anaerobic Pond slabs and Sludge Drying Beds
  • Recycled Water Storage Tank and Chlorine Storage and Dosage module
  • Power Generator Compound slab and LV and HV Switchroom footings
  • Screening Inlet Slabs and Storage Pond Spillways
  • Pumping Stations (WRP Feed, Algae, Recycled Water)

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