Preston Point Wharf Refurbishment

Project Overview

Ertech was contracted to refurbish the existing Preston Point Wharf at the Leeuwin Barracks in Fremantle, WA.

Fast Facts

  • ClientDepartment of Defence
  • LocationFremantle, WA
  • Year of completion2016

Scope of works

  • Demolition of existing slipway, concrete capping beam and wharf including time deck, piles, lighting, power and services
  • Constructing approximately 108m of new sheet pile wall with capping beam
  • Constructing new guard rail
  • Constructing new wharf including chaffers
  • Constructing eight new steel piles
  • Installing six new light poles
  • Installing new 1T luffing/ slewing JIB crane and the provision of training for the crane
  • Installing two new service pillars
  • Design and constructing new floating pontoon
  • Design and constructing piles for new floating pontoon
  • Design and constructing new gangway
  • Installing new service pillar
  • Design and constructing two 144kL water tanks
  • Constructing a concrete pile plug, precast panels, steps, decks and topping slab
  • Design and constructing a pump shed including foundations and bunding
  • Installing pump set
  • Design and constructing a new fire main, booster, hose reel and fire hydrant

Additional scope includes:

  • Refurbing and refitting existing administration building
  • New fencing and parking
  • Asphalt carpark
  • Supply and installing 53m long fabricated steel staircase on a steep limestone rockface
  • Remedial fender repairs to Cadet Jetty

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