RARE Environmental is assisting Ertech with environmental compliance and sustainability on the Heathcote Road Upgrade project in NSW.

Much of the project is surrounded by Heathcote National Park, an area rich in biodiversity and ecology with known Koala habitat. Creeks cross through the project location and feed into the Georges River.

RARE identified a clutch of eggs in the muddy embankment along one of the road-widening locations. The eggs were collected and taken offsite by fauna specialists at WILD Conservation for incubation, assessment, and identification.

On Tuesday, 07 March, the eggs began hatching. WILD Conservation staff confirmed they are the Eastern Water Dragon (Intellagama lesueurii) which grows up to half a meter long! They are semi-aquatic and live along the east coast of Australia around creeks, rivers, or lakes.

The juvenile lizards were released back into their habitat near the project when they were ready.

Thanks to RARE Environmental and WILD Conservation for your valued expertise. The project team have been alerted to keep an eye out for other potential egg clutches.

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