Ertech celebrates a significant milestone

This past weekend Ertech’s dedicated team working on the upgrade of Heathcote Road reached a significant project milestone with the successful installation of eight Bulb-T girders for a new single-span bridge over electrified rail.

The complex lift of eight 30-meter-long concrete Bulb-T girders over rail involved weeks of meticulous planning and stakeholder collaboration to ensure a safe efficient operation with minimal disruption to rail and road commuters.

Borger Cranes was engaged to undertake the lift and utilised two smaller cranes in a dual lift operation to feed the Bulb-T girders to the 750t crane for placement.

With possession isolation received just after 4 a.m. that morning, the first girder rose gracefully into the sky just 30 minutes later and the final girder was expertly positioned just before 2 p.m. on Saturday.

Representatives from Transport for NSWSydney Trains, and Ertech assembled at a secure viewing platform to witness the precision placement of girders no. 2 and then No. 1.

About the Project

The Heathcote Road Upgrade is an important project that will alleviate congestion, enhance road safety, and ensure more reliable journeys for all road users.

It encompasses a 2.2-kilometre upgrade to Heathcote Road, five road bridges, including the electrified rail bridge, the replacement of two existing creek bridges, and a steel utility bridge spanning a creek.

Great teamwork and collaboration!

Congratulations to the extended team for their unwavering commitment and seamless execution of this milestone. Your collective effort is a testament to exceptional teamwork and dedication to engineering the confidence of our clients.

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