The project team is rapt with the completion of another Fishway Project

Combining innovative thinking with practical expertise, the Ertech Team has successfully completed the Taylors Regulator Fishway project for Goulburn-Murray Water, on behalf of the North Central Catchment Management Authority (NCCMA).

The new fishway at Taylor’s Regulator, situated in northern Victoria, plays a vital role in the broader Native Fish Recovery Plan. This initiative focuses on eliminating barriers to fish passage and connecting 400km of stream and wetlands to 530km of the river Murray.

Congratulations to Greg Stevens and the project team for their innovative contributions, construction excellence and commitment to the success of this environmentally important project.

Innovation in Construction

Facing the challenge of maintaining flows during winter and ensuring a timely finish before the 2023/24 irrigation season, our bid team introduced an alternative temporary works plan. This plan included a steel sheet pile coffer dam both upstream and downstream, allowing for efficient installation and removal, ultimately reducing project risks. During construction challenging ground conditions were easily overcome with some minor modifications to the methodology.

Ertech also proposed an alternative pumping arrangement, deviating from the specified 50MLd-150MLd diesel pumping setup. Our proposed solution utilised available water loss upstream and downstream, a vacuum pump, pipes, and existing mains power and natural gravity. The solution created a large volume siphon effect that operated similarly to a valve, providing effective water flow control.

Not only was this approach very successful it also resulted in a reduction of ~500 tons of carbon and significant cost savings for the client.

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