Hallam Road Leachate Ponds

The Hallam Road Landfill currently has four leachate ponds on the site, Ponds A, B, C and D which will be decommissioned to allow for construction of future landfill cells. The site requires a new pond to be located at the south end of the site with a storage capacity of 15ML and to enable truck access and trafficking on the eastern side of the pond.The project is due to begin in late August 2019 with works due for completion before the end of the year.

The scope of works includes:

  • Bulk excavation to stockpile 40,000m3;
  • 600mm Brick Raft with Geogrid layers creating solid foundation 9,000m3;
  • Subgrade filling to form ponds 25,000m3;
  • Geosynthetic Clay Liner and HDPE Lining 10,000m2;
  • Hardstand and Jersey Barriers and Perimeter Fencing. 
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