Ertech Wins CCF NSW Earth Award

Our Blue Mile Tramway Seawall and Shared Path Upgrade project received top honours in Category 3 of the 2019 CCF NSW Earth Awards in Sydney. This award is a direct result of the dedication of our team and their commitment to excellence!

Located along the foreshore of Wollongong between Stuart Park and Wollongong Golf Club, is a section of coastline known as the Blue Mile. This area includes beaches, Wollongong Harbour, parks and cafes, and is a popular destination for residents and tourists.

Wollongong Council developed the Blue Mile Master Plan for this area that includes open space, improved pedestrian and cycle access along the foreshore, and facilities for visitors and local residents. The improvements will increase use and visitation and support the revitalisation and development of the City Centre.

The Blue Mile Tramway Seawall and Shared Path Upgrade provides safe public access along the foreshore between Belmore Basin and North Wollongong Beach. Works included a new seawall to replace the existing wall, new balustrade, a wider shared path access with lighting, CCTV and seating. The works also provide for safer access to both the Continental Pool and Gentleman’s Pool.


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