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  • South Hedland Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

    Pilbara Clearwater Alliance (Water Corporation & Tenix Australia)

    The Pilbara Clearwater Alliance is upgrading wastewater services to cater for expected residential and commercial growth.
  • Lovely Banks Lining and Covering

    Barwon Water Alliance

    The Lovely Banks reservoirs provide water supply to the northern part of the City of Geelong in Victoria.
  • Apollo Bay Project

    Barwon Water Alliance

    A new 250 million litre water storage will meet forecast growth in Apollo bay, Marengo and Skenes Creek. The new water storage facility will complement the existing 125 megalitre Marengo basin.
  • Yule Source Upgrade and Miscellaneous Works

    WA Water Corporation

    These works were part of a program to upgrade water infrastructure to meet growing demand in the Port and South Hedland areas.
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