• Cosgrove 3 Landfill

    Greater Shepparton City Council

    Ertech has completed a contract for the Cosgrove 3 subgrade excavation and engineered fill construction works at the Cosgrove Landfill Precinct in Victoria.
  • Smythesdale Landfill Capping & Cell Separation Liner

    City of Ballarat

    The contract was part of the City of Ballarat’s commitment to rehabilitate the filled waste storage cells at Smythesdale Regional Landfill.
  • Onslow Waste Transfer Station

    Shire of Ashburton

    Due to rapid development in the Onslow area, the shire of Ashburton’s waste management facilities required upgrading
  • Wollongong Waste and Resource Recovery Park

    Wollongong City Council

    Extending the Wollongong Waste and Resource Recovery Park is intended to provide 40 years of future landfilling for the Wollongong area. The WWARRP is an operational landfill site.