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  • Marandoo Dewatering Pipeline

    Rio Tinto Iron Ore

    This project comprised the installation and commissioning of a dewatering pipeline system at the Marandoo Mine Site.
  • North Yard Substation

    BHP Billiton Irone Ore / RCR Infrastructure

    BHP Billiton Iron Ore needed to relocate power, communications and control services from the existing TCB1 substation building in preparation for its future demolition.
  • Marandoo Camp Construction

    Rio Tinto Iron Ore

    Ertech was engaged by Rio Tinto to construct the accommodation village and associated infrastructure to house construction and mining personnel for the Marandoo mine site.
  • Ammonium Nitrate Storage Facility

    BHP Billiton Iron Ore

    A new slab and evaporative pond were constructed at BHP’s Jimblebar mine to support the installation of two new tanks at the mine’s Ammonium Nitrate Storage Facility.
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