Ertech wins Kent Street Weir Upgrade (D&C)

Kent Street Weir is part of the Canning River Regional Park. The Kent Street Weir is a popular recreation spot and has a pedestrian crossing on top of the concrete piles. There are barbecues, sheltered picnic tables, children's playground and a designated canoe launching facility.

It is also the site of the Canning River Eco Education Centre, which is focused on increasing awareness and understanding of the Canning River and the Park through environmental primary and secondary education programmes and activities.

The weir was constructed in 1926 to maintain an upstream freshwater pool along the Canning River catchment by preventing backflow from the saline water of the Swan River downstream. The weir’s structure consists of a 52m long concrete wall, concrete sill, sheet piling, concrete piers and steel walkway structure.  The weir has undergone several reconstructions; the most recent civil works occurred in 1962, when additional sheet piling and a concrete capping beam was installed to support the original sill structure.

A recent definition study on the weir recommended an upgrade of the weir to extend its life and improve operational activities, public access and water level management to limit tidal intrusions.         

The new Kent Street Weir will consist of 17 bays, seven of which will be tilting lay flat weir gates and the remainder static non-controllable fixed crests (either fixed crest or stop-boards).

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