NVIRP Channel Lining Programme

Northern Victorian Irrigation Renewal Project

The Goulburn Murray Irrigation District is located in northern Victoria between Swan Hill and Cobram and covers 68 000 km².

EWebsite Project Photo NVIRP

Fast Facts

Location: Northern Victoria

Start: May 2010

Peak Workforce: 70

Completion: Aug 2011



This project involved the remodelling and lining of 15km of irrigation channel with HDPE to reduce water losses in the irrigation system and included:

  • Importation of 150,000m³ clay
  • Removal of 71,000m³ silt
  • Installation of 248,950m² HDPE
  • Installation of 30km of rural fencing
  • Construction of two metered outlets
  • Rationalisation of four metered outlets
  • Relocate 700m of farm channel including the installation of culvert crossing and bay outlets
  • Installation of two 630mm diameter HDPE channel syphons

Additional works involved:

  • Installation of a Type 4 Flumegate structure to help control the water delivery in the irrigation system.  Ertech constructed an upstream extension of two bays to the existing three bay structure.
  • Installation of two 630mm OD HDPE syphons


  • New larger wedge welder was used for most of the welding. This machine was 50% faster than our normal pro wedge welders.
  • We deployed the liner very quickly without sand bag ballast using wooden stakes to hold the liner in the anchor trench. We used the trimmed overlap off cut as a base for the wedge welder to run on. This gave a smooth clean surface for the welder to run across.


  • We finished the lining side of the project ahead of schedule which allowed the fencing and road works to also get ahead.
  • We were the first contractor in the 3 year history of the NVIRP project to finish their allotted section on time.
  • We are now a preferred contractor. 
  • Ertech was awarded the Northern Victoria Irrigation Renewal Project’s 2011 Winter Construction Safety Recognition Award. This award recognises outstanding commitment to workplace safety.