Murray Irrigation PIIOP 3 - Main Canal Upgrade Partner

Murray Irrigation

Ertech is partnering with Murray Irrigation Limited for the Main Canal Upgrade project

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Fast Facts

Location: Mulwala to Deniliquin (along the Mulwala Main Canal), NSW; Berrigan (along the Berrigan Canal), NSW

Contract Value: $4.6M

Start: March 2017

Completion: August 2019


The scope of works is along the Mulwala Main and Berrigan Canals and includes design management, procurement and construction, including:

  • decommissioning of large mechanical components of existing control structures
  • in-situ and precast concrete works
  • bulk earthworks (including rock beaching)
  • installation of new mechanical control and SCADA equipment
  • electrical works
  • rural fencing and commissioning works

Construction will occur in two (2) stages: during the 2017 winter shutdown period (6 sites), and during the 2018 and 2019 winter shutdown periods (56 sites).

Additional Works Awarded (July 2017)
Ertech was been awarded a number of smaller packages within this scope of works:

  • Level 3 structural assessments on the Mulwala canal regulating structures Completion of level 3 structural assessments, sampling, testing and reporting for 9 structures on the Mulwala canal. This is a joint project between Ertech, Duratec and MEND Consulting.
  • Geotechnical investigation on regulating structures in the Mulwala canal Geotechnical investigations at 21 sites on the Mulwala canal. The investigation is being carried out to enable design works for the 2018 regulator upgrade program and is expected to be complete within three weeks.
  • Remediation of the Berrigan Canal bridges Remediation works to 14 bridges on the Berrigan Canal including repairs to concrete surfaces, steel and bridge decks. This work will be completed in conjunction with Duratec. 


The main objective of this water recovery project is to deliver a streamlined, innovative and value for money modernised delivery system that provides it with conveyance water recovery, whilst being durable, economically maintainable and safe for human and wildlife interaction.