Hopetoun Waste Water Treatment Plant

WA Water Corporation

Ertech was contracted to supply and install two new sewer pump stations and upgrade an existing pump station.

EWebsite Project Photo Hopetoun WWTP

Fast Facts

Location Hopetoun, WA

Start: Feb 2008

Peak Workforce: 61

Completion: Mar 2009



This project included:

  • 7.1ha topsoil stripping
  • 173,000m³ bulk earthworks
  • 71,000m² construction of clay lined ponds
  • Infill sewer works to Hopetoun shopping precinct and stage 1 existing residential housing
  • Trenchless techniques including a 7m deep 300mm diameter main underneath the main street
  • 14km pressure main linking the town’s three pump stations to the treatment plant
  • Supply and install two new sewer pump stations
  • Upgrade and refurbishment of existing pump station
  • Installation of 2.1m diameter sewer storage tanks within 50m of the beachfront
  • Dewatering of trenches and pits along the main road
  • Construction of primary and secondary treatment ponds for waste water treatment
  • Construction of 150m x 80m x 8m high clay lined storage dam to hold overflow of treatment plant
  • Construction of four cell evaporation ponds for excess water from treatment plant
  • Installation of miscellaneous concrete works for overflow facilities and containment bunds
  • Installation of access roads and site fencing to protect the facility
  • Installation of floating jetties and floating aerators
  • Installation of various concrete components
  • Installation of mechanical and electrical components


  • Installation of concrete caisson and dewatering methods to achieve pump station installation in the ocean tidal areas


  • Installation of sewer pump station on coastal reserve required appropriate actions to manage groundwater.
  • Minimise and selective clearing for installation of pressure mains which ran – 15km corridor from WWTP to town centre
  • Self-performing the mechanical works for the 3 sewer pump stations enhanced the skills and capabilities of Ertech personnel