Yule Source Upgrade and Miscellaneous Works

WA Water Corporation

These works were part of a program to upgrade water infrastructure to meet growing demand in the Port and South Hedland areas.

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Fast Facts

Location: Port Hedland, WA

Start: May 2013

Peak Workforce: 50

Completion: January 2014


An increased demand for potable water in South Hedland, Port Hedland and Wedgefield as a result of increased mining activities led to Water Corporation upgrading the 40 year old Yule Supply Main distribution system.

Ertech’s scope to upgrade 26km of the old asbestos cement main and construct a borefield collector main involved the following construction activities:

  • Stripping and clearing of pipeline easements
  • Hauling and stockpiling of topsoil
  • Temporary haul and light vehicle access roads
  • Trenching and excavation works
  • Vacuum lifting and placement of MSCL pipe
  • Welding and installation of MSCL pipe
  • Welding and installation of 280, 400 and 500mm HDPE pipe
  • Installation of cathodic protection systems
  • Temporary fencing installation, relocation and reinstating existing fences
  • Connection to existing asbestos cement pipeline
  • Location of existing services
  • Installation of air and scour valves, section valves and inspection manholes
  • Surveying works
  • Backfill and compaction activities
  • Spreading topsoil and surplus materials and rehabilitation of work areas
  • Traffic management¬†


  • Working in the vicinity of overhead existing services
  • Working in the vicinity of high pressure gas pipelines
  • Working in the vicinity of rail lines
  • Handling and removal of material containing asbestos