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Utah Point Berth Project

Port Hedland Port Authority

The Utah Point Berth Project (UPBP) at Port Hedland involved the development and operation of a common user bulk export facility primarily to serve the mining industry in the Pilbara.

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Fast Facts

Location: Port Hedland

Start: Aug 2009

Peak Workforce: 160

Completion: June 2010




The construction of the Utah Point Berth Project involved the following:

  • 5ha of mangrove clearing
  • Supply & install 300,000m2 of Geofabric
  • Supply & install 250,000m2 of Secugrid
  • Load, haul, place & compact 1,000,000m3 of dredge fill
  • Supply & install 7,500m3 of concrete footings, slabs and structures
  • Supply & install 25,000m2 of concrete filled geocell including 4,000m3 concrete
  • Supply & install 90,000m2 of GCL
  • Supply & install 35,000m of service lines
  • Supply & install 70,000m2 of heavy duty pavement; Supply & install 8,000m of W Beam and Thrie beam barriers
  • Supply & install nine pump stations, six Biomax units, three Stormceptor units and 15,000m2 of 2mm HDPE


  • Cost effective international supplier delivering 300,000m² of geo-fabric and geo-grid flown in by a chartered 747 airplane.
  • The use of an Argo amphibious vehicle to distribute the geo-materials over the intertidal zone, saving an extensive number of manhours.
  • Installation of a duck bill anchoring system and embedment of 8,000 anchors at the top of the embankment increasing it’s structural integrity.


  • The project required extensive liaison with Traditional Owners (MPL) to develop indigenous engagement.