Onslow Airport upgrade - Civil Works

Shire of Ashburton

After the Onslow Airport was expanded to help meet the region’s growing needs, the Shire of Ashburton engaged Ertech to enhance the airport’s supporting civil infrastructure.

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Fast Facts

Location: Onslow, WA

Start: May 2015

Completion: August 2015

Peak Workforce: 16


Ertech’s scope of works for the Onslow Airport included:

  • Detailed design works with respect to; hydrology, drainage, landside road works, terminal drop off roads, electrical work, airport buildings, airside pavements, hard and soft landscaping   
  • Construction works for the airport access road upgrade, short to long term car park, terminal access road, pick up and set-down bays, disabled parking, pedestrian crossing area including all road sealing and line marking
  • Connection of new services including power, communications, water, lighting and various underground conduits
  • Infrastructure works include drainage works, culvert installation works, installation of pit and pipe system for future infrastructure servicing works
  • Building works included outdoor dining areas, sculptures, maintenance sheds with offices and demolition works

Effective planning allowed Ertech to successfully maintain passenger access while performing upgrades to the terminal’s front entrance forecourt. Ertech minimised disruption to the airport’s operations by liaising with the Shire of Ashburton and Chevron to schedule critical activities between flights, on weekends and during the evening.

Ertech developed an excellent working relationship with the client and the airport management team which enabled the project be completed on time and under budget.

Flying object debris had to be managed at all times, requiring good housekeeping and controlled work areas during plane movements.