Gocup Road Upgrade

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS)

Gocup Road is a 31km two-lane rural road from the Snowy Mountains Highway at Tumut to the Hume Highway at Gundagai

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Fast Facts

Location: Tumut to Gundagai, NSW

Start: October 2017

Completion: January 2019



Gocup Road provides a vital link between the regional townships of Gundagai and Tumut in NSW, facilitating local industry and transport to the surrounding area.

Ertech's contract includes the realignment of Halfway Hill and Doctors Hill sections on the Gocup Road 16.2km to 22.1km north of Tumut and a partial early works section (Cookoomooroo) on the Gocup Road 26.32km to 26.73km North of Tumut.

The upgrade work includes widening the road, improving vertical and horizontal alignment, installing overtaking lanes and wire rope barriers and strengthening sections of the road surface to withstand heavy vehicles.

The work will improve road safety for all road users while meeting the needs of existing and future freight vehicles and minimising future maintenance costs.

Pollution Incident Response Plan

Sediment Basin Monitoring - January 2018
Sediment Basin Monitoring - February 2018
Monitoring Report - March 2018
Monitoring Report - April 2018
Monitoring Report - May 2018

Monitoring Report - June 2018
Monitoring Report - July 2018
Monitoring Report - August 2018
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Monitoring Report - October 2018
Monitoring Report - November 2018
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Monitoring Report - March 2019

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